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Evidence of the Paranormal
Featuring drawings by Will Yackulic and poems by John Ashbery, Anne Waldman, Clark Coolidge, Joanne Kyger, Lisa Jarnot, Brenda Coultas, Alice Notley, Beth Murray, Anselm & Edmund Berrigan, Brandon Downing, Hoa Nguyen, Noel Black, Kristin Prevellet, Jordan Davis, Karen Wiser, and a host of others.

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From Evidence of the Paranormal:

Scary Movie
by Ron Padgett

Now we can go down our own throats
by looking ahead at a TV monitor attached
to a tube at the end of which is
a tiny camera, a third eye
like the one in mysticism, the one
surrounded by wisps of smoke that
flare out like eyebrows at dawn
and the bog is silently vibrating
with the souls of the ducks who
died there, shot down by hunters
with blunderbusses and mutton chops
and monocles on thin gold chains
attached to a button on the vest
for closer scrutiny of--"Matilda,
don't look. Close the door. The
children mustn't see," he seems
to be saying, but what he means is
"Why didn't someone tell me?"
The bog roars over Matilda.

spiral man


Because Poem
by Lisa Jarnot

Because they are tomatoes. Because
all of nature is obsessive and bad. Because all
of nature in this region is obsessive and bad.
Because the corn and the worm they are friends.
Because the tree and the roots and the worm
are all bad. Because the root of the tree is
the friend of the corn in the field. Because the
tree and the root and the worm and the corn are
all words. Because the words are all friends
with the worm and the friend of the tree. Because
some words they grew up. Because some words
they grew up smarter. Because some words
they grew up smarter and smarter. Because
it's time to cut the trees. Because they were
tree-cutters. Because they were hungry
tree-cutters in a hurry. Because they were
careless tree-cutters. Because the trees were
cut by men not snakes. Because the snakes all
bit the trees and ate the cutters of the trees.
Because the cut up cutters cut the crops with
snakes with big teeth. Because the trees
all lived there too. Because the trees and roots
knew harmony. Because the burning cutters
knew the trees and hungered for the crops.
Because the trees were tired. Because the eaten
burning trees were tired of the cutters, corn and snakes.

dog night sky


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