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Albert Flynn DeSilver is an internationally published poet, writer, speaker/trainer, and entrepreneur. Albert served as Marin County’s very first Poet Laureate from 2008-2010. His work has appeared in more than 100 literary journals worldwide including ZYZZYVA, New American Writing, Hanging Loose, Jubilat, Exquisite Corpse, Jacket (Australia), Poetry Kanto (Japan), Van Gogh’s Ear (France), and many others. He is the author, most recently of Letters to Early Street, Spring 2007 from La Alameda/University of New Mexico Press, and  Walking Tooth & Cloud, January 2007 from French Connection Press in Paris. Albert’s latest book “Beamish Boy,” is a memoir about cheating death and waking up to a life of poetry, art, and joy. Albert has taught for many years in the Teen and Family program at The Spirit Rock Meditation Center. In addition, he is a speaker and trainer having taught writing workshops at conferences and institutions coast to coast—from AWP and even The British Institute in Paris, to The University of California-Davis. He is also the CEO/Director of Visiting Angels, a Senior Homecare agency in Santa Rosa, California. He lives in Woodacre, California.

Letters to Early Street
Spring 2007
La Alameda Press
New Mexico

 LETTERS TO EARLY STREET  is a beautiful collection, lyrical and inventive, in which shapes are to be seen “noodling along a rather lengthy road of torque & vapor.”  The world is astonishingly present yet there are “multiple enigmas,” those mysteries and vacancies where beauty clings, as it must, to its cave.  Creating a “community nerve garden”, the poetry of Albert Flynn DeSilver is of a high order of attention, like sitting at the rear window of a moving train.”

            —Paul Hoover

“From sea to shining sea, LETTERS TO EARLY STREET illuminates the hidden ecstacies of the quotidian.  Albert Flynn DeSilver is a weaver of a lovely shimmering lyric.  His is a voice fresh with joy, delightful in its innocence”

            —Lisa Jarnot

“How to shed a dilemma:  Be eager/bright and good-hearted/nervous as Albert Flynn DeSilver’s poems, hunkering down (as they are often seen to do) along a bush-strewn hillside to open a can of chili before the fog returns.  “A number that charts vacancy’s bucolic spread” —and there’s his music, spoonfuls of it, “eye to air & back,”  an alto lift.”

            —Bill Berkson

Walking Tooth & Cloud
January 2007
French Connection Press

“Prose poems you won’t want to miss!  The pronoun I in its word-tissue forest . . . “a book of elastic steel, an opposable piano.”  Meet tea leaf man, iced-over man, and others, as the inside-outside window collapses. “I am wind in the paper.”  Beautiful.  “I alone as mirror to the world.””

            —Alice Notley 

“Albert Flynn DeSilver’s poems are filled with a sunny, kinetic plenitude.”

            —Richard Silberg (Poetry Flash)

Albert Flynn DeSilver’s prosoid utterances ruffle the edges of the dreamscape.  A peculiar(ly) contemporary “western” milieu creeps into view, declares itself, then recedes into the page’s quiet.  It’s a little as if Robert Walser’s microshriften were being secretly reconstituted in American English by a young Californian night laborer, seated at desk, humming away contentedly to himself.

           —Steve Dickison (The Poetry Center at San Francisco State University)

“The hands of a madman reach out of these pages into your skull and reshape and reshape your brain like wax after lighting its wick.”

            —Ian Ayres (Van Gogh’s Ear)


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