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The Address Book
By Brendan Lorber

ISBN 0-9669430-1-5
32 pages

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"I read jauntily through The Address Book, and thought, "Oh,he's great". And meant it. I brought it with me (to L.A.) which of course is a major sign of affection"

--Eileen Myles

From The Address Book:

131 E 10th

I started out naked & skipped ahead in & out of clothes
all morning when my address was 54 Frankfort Ave. Rathgar Dublin
& dressing a poem in addresses sets a mood like tables with the
spooning couples in place of silverware but who will know
my grandparents in 1950 at 1261 Madison Ave & I at their age
an hour ago 100 St Marks Place How's my pace? There's no such thing
as a late bloomer or being well-travelled I lost all sense of virginity
in 823 Butterfield C Middletown CT My mind went all together
at 58 Cumberland San Francisco & at the corner of 1st & 1st I found God
& lost my Metrocard which is why I'm late to your gig Did I miss you
as much as you missed my chance to tell you about time that folds back on itself
so that nostalgia becomes premonition or becomes revealed behind all these doors
Behind door number one this moment is invisible as the answer to what are you looking at?
& before you agree to play door number two goes double or nothing for what's behind you


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